SEEKING SALVATION Paramount Theatre, Portland, Oregon, 16.01.1980 Doberman 2 CD
KNOXVILLE GRAIL Civic Auditorium, Knoxville, TN, 05.02.1980 Wild Wolf 2 CD
Rock Solid Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada, 19.04.1980  Junkyard Angel 1 CD
The Born Again Music Massey Hall, Toronto, ON, Canada, 20.04.1980 Flashback 2 CD
Farewell Bloomfield Fox-Warfield Theater, San Francisoc, CA, 15.11.1980 Cuttlefish 2 CD
Keep in touch with the Antichrist Fox-Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, 16.11.1980 American Concert Series 1 CD
WEAR THE FOX HAT Fox-Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA, 16.11.1980 Rattle Snake 2 CD
Rise Again Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA, 30.11.1980 Wanted Man 2 CD
A MUSICAL RETROSPECTIVE Paramount Theater, Portland, OR, 03.12.1980 Doberman 3 CD
Between Saved and Shot Shot Of Love Outakes, March/April 1981 Dandelion 1 CD
IN THE SUMMERTIME Drammenhalle, Drammen, Norway, 10.06.1981 Dandelion 2 CD
THINK I'll CALL IT A MAN Earl's Court, London, UK, 27.06.1981 ThinMan 2 CD
WAYS OF THE FLESH Earl's Court, London, UK, 28.06.1981 ThinMan 2 CD
A Bird's Nest In Your Hair Earl's Court, London, UK, 29.06.1981 Rattlesnake 2 CD
POLITICS OF SIN Johanneshovs Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden, 08.07.1981 Chrome Horse 2 CD
Avignon Palace des Sports, Avignon, France, 25.07.1981 Moonlight 2 CD
The Child's Balloon Saenger Performing Arts Center, New Orleans, LA, 10.11.1981 - 2 CD
You Can't Kill An Idea (part 1 & 2) The Summit, Houston, TX, 12.11.1981 Silver Rarities 2 CD
THE COMPLETE RECORDING SESSIONS 1979-1986 The Power Sation, New York, NY, 11.04.1983-08.05.1983 Project Zip 3 CD
Rough Cuts The Power Sation, New York, NY, 11.04.1983-08.05.1983 Black Night Crash 2 CD
ANGEL OF RAIN Beverly Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 23.05.1984 Rattlesnake 1 CD
Standing on The Waters Schaarbeek Football Stadium, Brussels, Belgium, 07.06.1984 Infidels 2 CD
A DYING VOICE WITHIN ME Ullevi Stadion, Gothenburg, Sweden, 09.06.1984 Thinman 2 CD
Oh The Streets of Rome Paleur, Rome, Italy, 19.06.1984 Wanted Man 2 CD
MADRID 1984 SOUNDBOARD Estadio Del Rayo Vallecano, Madrid, Spain, 26.06.1984 Zion Records 2 CD 
From the Coast of Barcelona Miniestadio, Barcelona, Spain 28.06.1984 Razor's Edge 2 CD 
From the Mountains of Madrid Nantes, Brussels, Vienna, Munich, Slane, Berlin, Offenbach, Cologne, Copenhagen, 30.06.19894 - 08.07.1984
Razor's Edge
1 CD 
LES TEMPS CHANGENT Parc des Sceaux, Paris, France, 01.07.1984 Silver Rarities 2 CD
All ROADS LEAD TO WEMBLEY Wembley Stadium, London, UK, 07.07.1984 Empress Valley 2 CD
Over The Broken Glass Slane Castle, Slane, Ireland, 08.07.1984 Cracker 1 CD
SLANE 1984 SOUNDBOARD Slane Castle, Slane, Ireland, 08.07.1984 Zion Records 3 CD
REAL LIVE OUTTAKES 1984 Paris, France 01.07.19884, Greenoble, France 03.07.1984, Wembley Stadium, London 07.07.1984, Slane Castle, Dublin, 08.07.1984 Yellow Cat 1 CD
Tempest Storm Empire Burlesque Studio Outtakes, 1984-1985 Theramin 1 CD
AFTER THE EMPIRE Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, CA, 05.1985-10.1985 Rattlesnake 1 CD
VOICES OF FREEDOM Ron Wood's home + Live Aid, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, 12-14.07.1985 Rattlesnake 1 CD
TRUE CONFESSIONS FOR CAROL Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia, 24.02.1986 Rattlesnake 2 CD
Hard To Handle Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia, 24 & 25.02.1986 Aborigine 1 CD
Hard To Handle Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia, 24 & 25.02.1986 Golpaco 1 DVD
Precious Memories Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia, 24 & 25.02.1986  Three Cool Cats 1 CD
MINNEAPOLIS 1986 Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN, 26.06.1986 Crystal Cat 2 CD
LONESOME TOWN Hoffman Estates, Chicago, IL, 29.06.1986 Flamingo Records 2 CD
Rich For Poor Rich Stadium, Buffalo, NY, 04.07.1986 Rambling Cowboy 2 CD
CHARLIE's CHOICE Marriott Hotel, Providence, RI, 10.07.1986 RR 1 CD
SARATAGO SPRINGS 1986 Saratago Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY, 13.07.1986 - 3 CD
BONNER SPRINGS 1986 SOUNDBOARD Sandstone Amphitheater, Bonner Springs, Kansas, 24.07.1986 Zion Records 3 CD
RED ROCKS 1986 1ST NIGHT SOUNDBOARD Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrison, CO, 26.07.1986 Zion Records 3 CD
PortLAND 1986 Civic Stadium, Portland, OR, 29.07.1986 Crystal Cat 3 CD
Come baby, Rock Me Rich Stadium, Orchard Park, NY 04.07.1986 + Forum, Los Angeles, CA, 03.08.1986 Red Sky 1 CD
There Is A Place Of Broken Dreams Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA, 05.08.1986 Flashback 3 CD
Covering Them Various locations, USA, 07.1986+08.1986 Post Script 1 CD
HEARTS OF FIRE SESSIONS Townhouse Studios, London, UK, 27+28.08.1986 Special Rider 1 CD
The French Girl Club Front, San Rafael, CA,  June 1987 Silver Rarities 3 CD 
Knockin’ On Foxboro’s Door Sullivan Stadion, Foxborro, MA, 04.07.1987 Stortebaker 1 CD
Men Of Peace JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA, 10.07.1987 Art Of Music 1 CD
DYLAN PLAYS DEAD Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, 12.07.1987 Razor's Edge 1 CD
IN THE HEART OF OREGON Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR, 19.07.1987 Flamingo 1 CD
OAKLAND 1987 Oakland County Stadium, Oakland, CA, 24.07.1987 - 1 CD
BASEL 1987 St. Jakobshalle, Basel, Switzerland, 10.09.1987 - 1 CD

Area Ex Autodromo, Modena, Italy, 12.09.1987 + Palasport, Turin, Italy, 13.09.1987.


6 CD
LIVE Ahoy, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 19.09.1987 Silver Shadow 1 CD
Heartbreaker Blues Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany, 30.09.1987 Temples 1 CD

Arena Di Verona, Verona, Italy, 01.10.1987 + Palaeur, Rome, Italy, 03.10.1987 + Arena Civica, Milan, Italy, 04.10.1987


6 CD
Flashing for The Refugees Forest National, Brussels, Belgium 08.10.1987 Speedball 1 CD
Wild Cathedral Evening International Arena, National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK, 10.10.1987 Grunt 1 CD
The Final Night And More Wembley Arena, London, UK, 17.10.1987 Dandelion 2 CD 
Dancing In The Dark Montana Studios, New York, NY, 22.11.1987 Moonlight 2 CD
San Franciso Bay Blues Greek Theater, Berkeley, CA, 10.06.1988 Live Style 2 CD
Driftin' Too Far From The Shore Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, 11.06.1988 Wanted Man 1 CD
VISIONS FROM MOUNTAIN VIEW Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, 11.06.1988 Chrome Horse Records 2 CD
DENVER 1988 Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Denver, CO, 15.06.1988 Scorpio 2 CD
New Jersey 1988 Garden State Performing Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, 24.06.1988 Scorpio 1 CD
NEW JERSEY 1988 SECOND EVENING Garden State Performing Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, 25.06.1988 - 1 CD
CANANDAIGUA 1988 Finger Lake Performing Arts Center, Canandaigua, NY, 28.06.1988 - 1 CD
Blown out on The Trail Jones Beach, Wantaugh, NY,  30.06.1988 Moontunes 2 CD
BY THE WATERFRONT DOCKS The Ballpark, Old Orchard Beach, ME, 03.07.1988 Scorpio 1 CD
Wanted Man Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT, 04.09.1988 Kiss The Stone 1 CD
THE UPPER SHOW 1988 The Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA, 13.10.1988 BD 2 CD
old men with broken teeth Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, 18.10.1988 - 2 CD
Stuck inside of New York Radio City Music Hall, New York, NY, 19.10.1988 Kiss The Stone 2 CD
The Deeds Of Mercy Oh Mercy Outtakes, 03.1989 Razor's Edge 1 CD
Hunted (Like A Crocodile) Statenhal, Den Haag, The Netherlands, 10.06.1989 Gashcat 1 CD
Not A Word Was Spoken Forest National, Brussels, Belgium, 11.06.1989 Buffalo 2 CD
RINGO KID & THE GUNFIGHTERS Les Arenes, Fréjus, France, 13.06.1989 Mainstream 2 CD
ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME Palazzo della Civilta e del Lavoro, Rome, Italy, 20.06.1989 The Godfatherecords 2 CD
BOUND TO CROSS THE LINE Stadio Lamberti, Cava Dei 1Tirreni, Italy, 21.06.1989 Thinman 1 CD 
HOUSE OF GOLD Panathenaikos Stadio, Athens, Greece, 28.06.1989 Thinman 2 CD 
All The Way Down To Italy Milan, Patras, Athens, Rome, Cava de Tirreni, Livorno 19.06.1989 - 28.06.1989 Templar 2 CD 
HOT AUGUST NIGHT 1989 Troy G. Chastain Memorial Park Amphitheatre, Atlanta, GO, 16.08.1989 - 2 CD 
LIVE AT THE PACIFIC Pacific Amphitheatre, Costa Mesa, CA, 08.09.1989 Midnight Dreamer 2 CD