1. Introduction
  2. These Days

  3. Cocaine

  4. Linda Paloma

  5. Mohammed's Radio

  6. Frank and Jesse James

  7. Hasten Down the Wind

  8. Deseperados Under The Eaves

  9. Excitable Boy

  10. For a Dancer

  11. Something Fine

  12. Carmelita

  13. Werewolves of London
    Bonus Tracks :

  14. Backs Turned Looking Down the Path

  15. Carmelita

  16. Mohammed's Radio

  17. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Label : no label

Time : 69:15

Venue : VPRO Studio, Hilversum, Holland

Date : December 8, 1976

Quality : Studio recording (A+) / Soundboard recording (A+)

Review : Jackson Browne & Warren Zevon in a unique studio session for the Dutch radio VPRO, recorded on December 8th, 1976. Filler tracks were recorded on a Warren Zevon concert at the Rai Congres Building in Amsterdam the next day.

Review (Warren Zevon Wiki) : The Offender Meets the Pretender is a widely bootlegged Dutch radio program featuring songs by, and interviews with, Warren Zevon alongside his friend and colleague Jackson Browne. The recordings are from Zevon's first tour in 1977, shortly after the release of his second album, which included guest appearances in the middle of Jackson Browne's concerts. The Offender Meets the Pretender is a recording of one of theses appearances. Later when Jordan Zevon started allowing the release of old concert recordings online on the Internet Archive to be freely redistributed, these recordings were released.