Disc One (43:24)

  1. Crack City
  2. Bus Stop
  3. A big hurt
  4. goodbye mr. ed
  5. baby universal
  6. go now
  7. sacrifice yourself
  8. stateside
  9. betty wrong

Disc Two (44:52)

  1. Debasor
  2. If there is something
  3. i can't read
  4. Heaven's in here
  5. sorry
  6. amazing
  7. baby can dance
  8. you belong in rock 'n' roll

Label : The Swingin' Pig

Date : December 7, 1991

Venue : Riviera Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Quality : FM Soundboard Recording (A+)

Review (Froike) : Radio broadcast from soundboard. The quality is perfect. There's another bootleg with the same concert, it's called "The blade and the tongue" (same songs, same quality sound, different artwork). This show is amazing. The band is more rocker than ever. Great versions of "Crack city","Baby Universal", "Betty Wrong" (Bowie plays saxophone on this one), "If there is something" and a long "Heaven's in here" (Bowie sings Cream's "I feel free" in the middle of the song). The songs "Amazing" and "You belong in Rock n' Roll" from this very show were included in the live Tin Machine record "Oy vey,baby live" from 1992.