Disc One (62:25)

  1. I am the sea
  2. The real me

  3. Quadrophenia

  4. Cut my hair

  5. The punk and the godfather

  6. I'm one

  7. Dirty jobs

  8. Helpless dancer

  9. Is it in my head

  10. I've had enough

  11. 5.15

  12. Sea and sand

  13. Drowned

Disc Two (70:02)

  1. Bell boy
  2. Doctor Jimmy

  3. The rock

  4. Love reign over me

  5. Reprise

  6. Won't get fooled again

  7. Behind blue eyes

  8. Pete's band intros

  9. Substitute

  10. Naked eye

  11. Who are you

Label : no label

Venue : Earl's Court, London, UK

Date : December 7th, 1996

Quality : Audience Recording (A-)

Review : Quadrophenia live in 1996 ! What a surprise. This one's a very good audience recording from their London performance.

Review (TUBE) : Excellent quality recording of The Who performing their second show at Earls Court of the legendary rock opera Quadrophenia. The original Quad shows in 1973 were marred with all kinds of problems like the tape machine breaking and Pete always felt that the album had never been realised live the way he wanted it. So in 1996 they embarked yet another reunion to realise the project "Quadrophenia" but this time with a multi-media extravaganza, including a big screen, a narrator and special guests. The 96-97 tours finally showed how great Quadrophenia could be and this show documents that very well I think. Guest stars on this show were Billy Idol and PJ Proby and added to the entertainment value in their unique style of performing. The main disappointment I find with this show and other 96/97 shows are that Pete plays acoustic guitar (due to hearing problems) and his brother Simon plays lead, but Pete gets the electric out for a few tunes so its not all bad. Billy Idol came too late onstage during I've Had Enough. Pete played the electric guitar on The Rock, Love Reign O'er Me, Substitute, Naked Eye and Who Are You.