Disc One (71:01)

  1. Introduction
  2. Heaven And Hell

  3. I Can't Explain

  4. Fortune Teller

  5. Tattoo

  6. Young Man Blues

  7. A Quick One Introduction

  8. A Quick One While He's Away

  9. Substitute

  10. Happy Jack

  11. I'm A Boy

  12. Summertime Blues

  13. Shakin' All Over

  14. My Generation

  15. We're Not Gonna Take It

  16. Underture I

  17. Underture II

  18. Underture III

  19. Underture IV

Disc Two (53:35)

  1. Introduction
  2. Overture

  3. Captain Walker

  4. It's A Boy

  5. 1921

  6. Amazing Journey

  7. Sparks

  8. Sparks II

  9. The Hawker

  10. Christmas

  11. The Acid Queen

  12. Pinball Wizard

  13. Do You Think It's Alright?

  14. Tommy Can You Hear Me?

  15. There's A Doctor

  16. Smash The Mirror / Miracle Cure

  17. Sally Simpson

  18. I'm Free

  19. Tommy's Holiday Camp

  20. Welcome

  21. We're Not Gonna Take It

Label : Hiwatt NL

Venue : Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date :
September 29th, 1969
Quality :
Soundboard recording (A+)

Review (TheWho.Net) : "Oh, great. yet another version of this show. Ho-hummmmm....don't we have enough of these yet"?! That was my initial reaction when I heard this one was on its way. WOW! Was I ever surprised. Hot off the factory press! I was thrilled when I unpacked this CD. The packaging is excellent. This comes in a laminate gatefold cover with some nifty inside-cover pics. The CD's come packaged in colored, period - picture paper sleeves. The discs are pressed on gold CD's (NOT CD-R's !). The tops are black with gold lettering. The sound quality is stellar! None of the other Amsterdam CD's have the clarity to offer as does this one. I've always found the previous releases were a bit thin or "tinny" sounding. The echo, probably more a result of the venue than the actual recording, is, as on all other re- cordings of this show, still there, but, Man-O-Man, this one smokes. Right from the intro of the band to Keith Moon's lunacy during Pete's explanation of the "mini-opera" A Quick One, the true WHO "freak" will quickly hear that this release has something special to offer. The producers of this CD even broke down the "movements" con- tained in My Generation by title (see below) Though not as on the Canadian legit Live At Leeds. From the packaging to the presentation of the music, this is a killer CD in my book and I dare rate this right up there with Live At Leeds Complete in sound quality and performance! This release has all the hhhhmmppphhh that its pre- decessors lack. The only thing I could gripe about is the set order as this CD places all of the non-Tommy tracks on CD 1 and allows the Tommy portion to run continuously on CD 2.