1. I Can't Let Go
  2. Just One Look
  3. Bus Stop
  4. Casualty
  5. On A Carousel
  6. Someone Else's Eyes
  7. Look Through Any Window
  8. King Midas In Reverse
  9. Wasted On The Way
  10. Teach Your Children
  11. Soldier's Song
  12. Stop, Stop, Stop
  13. The Air That I Breathe
  14. Carrie Anne
  15. Stop In The Name Of Love
  16. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
  17. Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)

Label : Genschman Records

Venue : Kings Island Amusement Park, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Recording Date : September 2, 1983

Length : 78:47

Quality : Soundboard recording (A+)

Review (AllMusic) : Excellent recording of the 1983 reunion concert of The Hollies, live in Cincinnati. This one was commercially released in 2004 as "Reunion" by Snapper Music, a division of True North.

Review (Wikipedia) : A live album featuring the Clarke-Hicks-Elliott-Nash re-grouping, Reunion, was recorded at Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio, during a US tour that followed that same year, finally being issued first in 1997 as Archive Alive, then retitled Reunion (with two extra tracks) in 2004.