Disc One (56:31)

  1. back door man
  2. break on through
  3. what do we do next ?
  4. soul kitchen
  5. you make me real
  6. I will never be untrue
  7. when the music's over
  8. universal mind
  9. mystery train / crossroads
  10. build me a woman

Disc Two (35:35)

  1. who do you love (false start)
  2. who do you love
  3. light my fire
  4. celebration of the lizard

Label : Bright Midnight Records

Venue : Aquarius Theatre, Hollywood, California, USA

Recording Date : July 21, 1969 (first performance)

Quality : Soundboard recording (A+)

Review (AllMusic) : In July 1969 The Doors played two concerts to packed audiences at the Aquarius Theatre on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California. In addition, the day after the two concerts, The Doors used the Aquarius Theatre stage, still loaded with their equipment from the night before, to conduct a private rehearsal. Both of these concerts, as well as the private rehearsal, were recorded. Bright Midnight Records will release four titles made from these Aquarius Theatre recordings. This is the second of these titles. A 21-track 2-CD set of the complete show mixed and mastered from the original multitracks stored in The Doors Archive and presented unedited and in its entirety just as you would have heard it if you were sitting front row center.