1. When i write the booke
  2. from now on
  3. introduction
  4. cruel to be kind
  5. heart
  6. rocky road
  7. My baby's gone
  8. the rose of england
  9. so it goes
  10. without you
  11. marie provost
  12. raining raining
  13. half a boy and half a man
  14. all men are liars
  15. (I want to build a) Jumbo ark
  16. refrigerator white
  17. big big love
  18. bo bo ska diddle daddle
  19. i knew the bride (when she used to rock & roll)
  20. indoor fireworks (with Elvis Costello)
  21. (what's so funny 'bout) peace, love & understanding (with Elvis Costello)
  22. switchboard susan

Label : no label

Time : 77:03

Venue : Slim's, San Francisco, California, USA

Date : April 23th, 1989

Quality : Soundboard recording (A+)

Review : Nick Lowe solo acoustic, live at Slim's in 1989. Later on he's joined by some musicians and also Elvis Costello sings a couple of songs with Nick. Excellent quality recording.