1. Drifter's Escape
  2. I Want You
  3. Queen Jane Approximately
  4. Pledging My Time
  5. Silvio
  6. Tangled Up In Blue
  7. Girl Of The North Country
  8. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  9. License To Kill
  10. Obviously Five Believers
  11. My Back Pages

Label : Zimmerman Records

Time : 78:33

Venue : Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, Glachau, Germany and Prague, Chechoslavakia

Date : March 13 - July 10, 1995

Quality : Audience Recordings (A+)

Review (Bob's Boots) : This 1996 German release is packed full with 80 minutes of great quality audience recordings. The package claims them to be soundboard, but they're not. They do have a good flow, for being edited from various shows; and offer a nice representation of the July tour of Germany. The vocals are crisp and clear. The one stand out song is an incredible version of License To Kill. The front photo is from the mid '70s Michael Ochs photo that captured a surprised Sara and Bob entering an automobile. Cropping Sara out inspired the title of this set that now appears to show Bob driving. The back cover contains a hideously sloppy cut out photo pasted to the track list. The aesthetics are gaudy, with a theme of pink neon on black. As a joke, the manufacturer listed the producer as Wolfgang Niedecken. Wolfgang is the predominate member of a well known German rock band called BAP. He's also a major Dylan fan. (He has previously released an album of Dylan songs that he translated into his native Köln dialect).