1. A couple more years
  2. Dignity

  3. Abandoned

  4. Coming from the heart

  5. City of gold

  6. Watered-down love

  7. I'll keep it with mine

  8. Thief on the cross

  9. Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms

  10. Dirty world

  11. You ain't going nowhere

  12. Thank God

  13. Lonesome whistle blues

  14. Ain't gonna go to hell for anybody

  15. Trouble in mind

  16. Got love if you want it

  17. The spirit of rock and roll

  18. Mama, you've been on my mind.

Label : Moonlight Records

Time : 59:15

Venue : various locations

Date : various

Quality : A+/B+

Review (Bob's Boots) : An odd little one hour long compilation of some of the rarer oddities and misfits. Nice packaging/artwork, with photos that span the decades. The only thing that's a bit misleading is that the package states the songs to be in excellent sound quality. See the true quality at right.