1. Susie Q
  2. Trail of the buffalo

  3. Not fade away

  4. Peace in the valley

  5. Barbara Allen

  6. Across the borderline

  7. Answer me

  8. Golden vanity

  9. Little Moses

  10. Tomorrow night

  11. Black Jack Davey

  12. Weeping Willow

  13. Shake Sugaree

  14. Alabama Getaway

  15. Stone walls & steels bars

Label : Westwood One

Time : 70:06

Venue : various

Date : 1987 - 1998

Quality : Soundboard Recordings (A+)

Comments from Bobsboots : This is a compilation of mostly live, various quality soundboard recordings of cover songs that span the decade of 1987-1998. The disc starts off a little slow with the lower quality 1987 rehearsal material. The mix is off quite a bit. Things pick up from there, however, and what follows are some true gems. The audiences are virtually non existent, and Bob is heard in all his acoustic glory. These tunes are indeed diamonds along the highway. The cover art is nice, and the overall aesthetics are pleasing. The disc is a counterfeit Westwood One radio show mock-up. The manufacturer has taken the name and logo of that famous live concert Label. Of course, this project is in no way related to the For-airplay-only Westwood One company