Disc One (44:30)

  1. Lighthouse
  2. Riding On A Railroad
  3. Secret O' Life
  4. Gorilla
  5. Shower The People
  6. Honey, Don't Leave L.A.
  7. Bartender's Blues
  8. Roadrunner
  9. Anywhere Like Heaven
  10. Mexico
  11. Walking Man

Disc Two (53:59)

  1. Fire And Rain
  2. Carolina In My Mind
  3. Family Man
  4. Hello, Old Friend
  5. Everybody Has The Blues
  6. Dance
  7. Hey Mister, That's Me Up On The Jukebox
  8. I Was A Fool To Care
  9. How Sweet It Is
  10. Money Machine
  11. Steamroller
  12. Sweet Baby James

Label : no label

Venue : Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Recording Date : July 25, 1976

Quality : FM recording (A+)

Review (Bruce) : "This is an FM broadcast on Pittsburgh radio station WDVE. I taped it way back when and wore it out in my car's 8-track player. In the early 90's, my business advertised on the station; the sales rep asked if he could get me anything. I said "sure... have someone dig thru the vaults and find this show." He got me a nice cassette copy which I had converted to CD... did a few trades/trees over the years. Nice to see it make it here. I'm a big JT and Jackson Browne fan. Lindley joined JT's "usual" group of musicians for this tour in the summer of 76. His versatility adds so much to the song arrangements.The violin on Riding on a Railroad and banjo on Carolina In My Mind are two great examples. I love the lap guitar on Honey Don't Leave L.A.--Lindley and Sanborn's sax are incredible. This is the best live version of Fire and Rain I've heard as Lindley makes his lap guitar sound more like a pedal steel. After this tour, JT's musicians (Kunkle, Kootch and Sklar) joined Jackson Browne, Lindley and a couple of others for the tour which produced the Running On Empty LP. If you like this "era" of JT (in between In The Pocket and JT LPs), you'll love this show.