1. Writing On The Wall
  2. Monsters In Disguise
  3. Come Into The Air
  4. Big Brother
  5. Who Needs It
  6. Will You
  7. Eighth Day
  8. Top Of The Wheel
  9. Calls The Tune
  10. Blackman
  11. Give Me An Inch
  12. If Only

Label : A&M Records

Release Date : 1990

Length : 42:12

Review (Amazon) : Hazel O'Connor's rebellious punk-styled singer is a talented timebomb ready to explode angrily at a cruel world. One night on stage she sees an audience member stabbed ("Calls the Tune"). Unable to get their face out of her mind, she slowly dissolves into a mental breakdown. The movie and album are both one-of-a-kind classics. Since O'Connor was involved so deeply with the production, the success belongs largely to her. If her acting doesn't get to you, then the songs surely will. Each makes a statement of one kind or another--most with a political slant reflecting her on-screen counterpart's bottled-up frustration. "Big Brother" points an accusing finger at Society. "Eighth Day" worries that the machine will shortly rule us. "Blackman" derides stereotyping and Class. "Who Needs It" says no thank you to nuclear energy. The music is often energetic, yet it's still her touching ballad "Will You" that lives longest in the memory.