Disc One

  1. Squonk
  2. Chat - Good Evening
  3. One For The Vine
  4. A Silly Story
  5. Robbery, Assault and Battery
  6. Chat - Myrtle the Mermaid
  7. Your Own Special Way
  8. Chat - Steve's Intro
  9. Firth of Fifth
  10. Chat - Something From Our New Record
  11. In That Quiet Earth (First Part)
  12. In That Quiet Earth (Second Part)
  13. Afterglow
  14. I Know What I Like
  15. Chat - Mike's Intro
  16. Eleventh Earl of Mar

Disc Two

  1. Chat - Hospital Radio
  2. Carpet Crawlers
  3. Chat - The Mouse
  4. All In A Mouse's Night
  5. Chat - A Bloody Stupid Story
  6. Supper's Ready
  7. Dance On A Volcano
  8. Drum Duet
  9. Los Endos
  10. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
  11. The Musical Box (Closing Section)

Label : i4detail

Venue : Gaumont Theatre, Southampton, UK

Date : January 20, 1977

Quality : soundboard recording (A+)

Review (i4detail) : The i4detail team are delighted to bring you their fourth live Genesis release. This recording has provoked much discussion on Genesis internet forums since it was leaked out of the closet some months ago. Upon hearing the recordings we were convinced it could be improved upon. Critics had noted dropouts, particularly at the start of "Carpet Crawlers" together with the usual tape noise. Stuart Barnes has remedied these problems as far as is possible. The lack of bass repsonse has also been commented upon and Stuart has corrected this situation to the point where the bass drum now has the requisite clout. Sadly, Mr Rutherford's bass is somewhat "buried in the mix" and no amount of eq can resurrect it.

Review (Dave Dunnington's Complete Guide of Genesis radio shows) : If ever there was a good time to be in a Southampton hospital, it would have been on this day! A full Genesis concert went out live to 8 hospitals in Southampton and Winchester. Southampton Hospital Radio has been broadcasting to listeners in local hospitals since 1952. They started with football commentaries and then added music programmes in 1963, initially on tape and from January 2nd 1966, live by landline. The setlist that night was that common on the first leg of the tour in the UK, including All In A Mouse's Night. Before Carpet Crawlers, Phil announced that the concert was being broadcast to the hospitals. With such small coverage it is unlikely that any recordings from broadcast will have survived unless the radio engineers themselves made a recording - it is difficult to imagine any of the patients having ready access to the necessary equipment! An independent recording made from the soundboard has recently been unearthed; previously hidden for decades, 200 copies were unexpectedly (and illegally) offered on Ebay.