1. New Killer Star
  2. Pablo Picasso
  3. Never Get Old
  4. The Loneliest Guy
  5. Looking for Water
  6. She'll Drive the Big Car
  7. Days
  8. Fall Dog Bombs the Moon
  9. Try Some, Buy Some
  10. Reality
  11. Bring Me the Disco King
  12. Hallo Spaceboy
  13. Cactus
  14. Afraid

Label : DB

Venue : Riverside Studios, London, UK

Date : September 8th, 2003

Length : 67:31

Quality : Soundboard Recording (A+)

Review (Bootlegzone) : Excellent sound quality !

Review (Bassman) : The Riverside show from German FM radio broadcast (NDR2) with 3 bonus tracks from the same show Hallo Spaceboy, Cactus and Afraid. Nice package and great soundquality.

Review : Incomplete concert, also released as Deep Reality (Lime Records). According to setlist.fm David played 21 tracks !

Concert-review (Liztray) : The security was tighter than Jonathan Rossí CBGBs T shirt. Nerves seemed high everywhere: from us lot trying to get a good position in the studio and, I would imagine, from those trying to get a satellite to connect to cinemas across Europe and Asia. So back to the aforementioned Mr Ross, who did a fabulous job all night might I add. He told us that David would come out and do a warm up to check the sound, which I wasnít expecting really, so when he walked out wearing similar clothes to Poughkeepsie with an Earthling tour type jacket a flash of excitement shot through the lucky attendees. We got A New Career In A New Town and bits of Blurís Song 2 and even Link Wray's Rumble, which he insisted none of us would know! There was much checking of times in earpieces and satellites and then we were off! As I expected NKS was the first tune up and, it was received loudly and warmly. Even though I knew he was doing the whole of Reality I wasnít sure if it would be in order a la the Heathen/Low shows last year. Well when Pablo Picasso was announced I knew it would be! I must say the album sounds wonderful in entirety and even though he thought we wouldnít know it because Ďyou havenít had your bootlegs long enough yetí every song was sung with great passion and recognition especially Never Get Old which Iím sure will turn into a firm live favourite. Set-wise the simple lights and wooden floors with catwalk added a great deal to the ambience of the studio and db made full use of the extended stage when he walked out to do The Loneliest Guy, a beautiful and clearly emotional song for him and many of the audience. It seemed like the rest of the album whizzed by, Disco King, the only song I hadnít heard yet, almost knocked us all out; this must be the best song on the album. Iíd forgotten about the Q&A completely but it turned out to be such a good laugh. A combination of well-handled technical difficulties and great answers (on haircuts, dogs and James Bond); a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest without the shit tunes. So then on to the request section, which started with my favourite song of the night, Hallo Spaceboy. The band was so good last night; theyíve all really developed a rapport and connection that is better than any Bowie band Iíve ever seen. Oblivious to the cameras we jumped and sang our hearts out hoping the world was wishing they were in our place. Fantastic Voyage is always welcome (my second hearing in 3 weeks), NKS was performed again and the air was punched even more emphatically the second time. And then it was over. He swaggered offstage looking understandably pleased with himself. We attended the biggest interactive music event of all time and I canít think of anyone who could do it better. Many post-gig drinks later I got home at 4am and now Iím sitting at work with a giant smile on my face remembering flashes of last night. Talking of flashes there was a couple of T-shirt moments that raised the temperature a little from the man on stage. I got almost to the end without mentioning how good he looked too ;-)