1. Just Around The Corner
  2. The Biggest Fool Of All
  3. El Norte
  4. I'll Send Them Your Way
  5. Another Story
  6. Coward's Courage
  7. Every Moment
  8. Precious Dreams
  9. After Here Through Midland

Label : Columbia

Release Date : 1987

Length : 38:54

Review (AllMusic) : More mature, After Here Through Midland lacks the sparkle of Cock Robin's debut. The one time they engaged an American producer in Don Gehman (John Cougar Mellencamp, Hootie and the Blowfish), After Here has a more U.S. rock-country blend to it. In the end, it achieved little in the States, again doing the business in Europe - "Just Around the Corner," "The Biggest Fool of All," and "El Norte" notched up the U.K. singles chart. "I'll Send Them Your Way" could have landed them the U.S. hit they so deserved. "Another Story" is picturesque - almost like an Edward Hopper painting of small-town America: small wooden house with porch, a deserted street, heavy grey sky, and one illuminated streetlight. "Nobody's home, so I'll go looking out for trouble," sings Anna LaCazio. Not their best but still better than most.