1. You Know What To Do
  2. Menemsha
  3. Damn You Get To Me
  4. Is This Love
  5. Orpheus
  6. It Happens Everyday
  7. Such A Good Boy
  8. Hello Big Man
  9. You Don't Feel The Same
  10. Floundering

Label : Warner Bros. Records

Release Date : September 1983

Length : 39:12

Review (AllMusic) : Hello Big Man, Carly Simon's first new studio album of original material in more than three years, followed on from her 1981 album of standards, Torch, and the British Top Ten success of her collaboration with Chic, "Why." Both experiences (plus, perhaps, her 1980 hit "Jesse") seemed to have reinvigorated her taste in pop music, if Hello Big Man was any indication. The sound was a return to the style of Anticipation and No Secrets after years of following trends - the songs were romantic, with the erotic edge that had charged much of Simon's best material. The album was typically uneven, what with its reggae material (including a redundant cover of Bob Marley's "Is This Love"), but also typically personal and compelling. The title track was a winning account of her parents' courting, complete with a happy-ever-after ending that didn't occur in real life.