1. Tracks In The Dust
  2. Rusty & Blue
  3. For Free
  4. Déjà Vu
  5. ‘Till It Shines On You
  6. Motherless Children
  7. Thousand Roads
  8. Morrison
  9. Eight Miles High

Label : no label

Venue : Black-Eyed Sally's, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Recording Date : April 11, 1997

Length : 89:35

Quality : Soundboard recording (A+)

Review : Here we got CPR in their early days, backed by Jeff Pevar's band : Rob Gottfried on drums, Frank Gravis on bass, Seth Farber on keyboards and Jimmy Biggins on sax. Lots of technical issues make this show somewhat chaotic. Eight Miles High fades out at the end during the sax solo. CPR probably played four more songs at Black-Eyed Sally's Pub.