1. Morrison
  2. That House
  3. One For Every Moment
  4. At The Edge
  5. Somebody Else's Town
  6. Rusty And Blue
  7. Somehow She Knew
  8. Little Blind Fish
  9. Yesterday's Child
  10. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
  11. Time Is The Final Currency

Label : Samson Music

Time : 55:10

Release Date : June 23, 1998

Review (AllMusic) : Surprisingly familiar, yet new and intriguing, is the best way to describe CPR. For anyone who's a fan of David Crosby's best work over the years, CPR will make them think they've found heaven. With more than admirable help from guitarist Jeff Pevar and keyboardist James Raymond, Crosby hands us a gem that shines with all the magic of the old and with the enthusiasm of the new. The harmonies are rich and the music textured with a love not readily found these days. What makes this even more incredible is the fact that James Raymond is the son David Crosby never knew about until they were united just before Crosby nearly lost his life to liver failure. Their love and respect for each other's talents, along with Pevar's, shine through every track on this disc. An impressive first effort.