1. The King Will Come
  2. Strange Affair
  3. Throw Down The Sword
  4. In the Skin
  5. Hard Times
  6. Blowin' Free
  7. Keeper Of The Light
  8. Medley : Blind Eye, Lady Whiskey, Jail Bait, Phoenix, The Pilgrim
  9. Runaway
  10. Sometime World
  11. Vas Dis

Label : Hengest Records

Length : 69:39

Venue : Rock Heroes Festival, Arthurs Rock Club, Geneva, Switzerland

Recording Date : April 6, 1995

Release Date : 1995

Review (Wikipedia) : Live in Geneva is een livealbum van Wishbone Ash. Andy Powell had weer eens een nieuwe band om zich heen verzameld. Het album is opgenomen tijdens het Rock Heroes Festival in Geneve in Arthurs Rock Club te Genève. Het album werd uitgegeven in het kader van het 25-jarig bestaan van de band.

Review (Sea Of Tranquility) : Angel Air have unearthed another gem in the form of this live recording of the Andy Powell led Wishbone Ash from Geneva in the mid-1990's. By this time the reformed 'classic' line-up had dissolved, leaving Powell to steer the ship with the new band consisting of second guitarist / vocalist Roger Filgate, Tony Kishman on bass and former Asia and 21 Guns drummer Mike Sturgis. This combination would go on to record the Illuminations studio album before the next round of personnel changes left Powell as once again the solo survivor. As you would expect there is plenty of classic Wishbone Ash included across this live CD with their definitive Argus album being well represented via the quartet of 'Throw Down The Sword', 'The King Will Come', 'Sometime World' and 'Blowin' Free'. There is a vibrancy and energy about the performances and Filgate proves to be a more than capable guitarist and rich vocalist which makes for some smooth vocal harmonies. The inclusion of an uplifting medley featuring anthems such as 'Jailbait' and 'Phoenix' means much of the set is drawn from the first three albums but instrumental 'In The Skin' and the hard rocking 'Runaway' add some variety. Add in crystal clear quality, informative sleeve notes and a film clip of 'The King Will Come' and this is a great job all around.

Review (Get Ready To Rock) : Wishbone Ash have had multiple line up changes and periods of inactivity since their ‘70’s hay day. Andy Powell, the sole surviving member by 1995, put a touring band together and marked their 25th anniversary with shows at the Geneva Rock Heroes Festival. Roger Filgate, who had allegedly bumped into Powell in a Connecticut record shop, shared lead guitar and vocal duties after original front man Ted Turner had left for the 2nd and final time. Tony Kishman handled the bass and Mike Sturgis occupied the drum stool, having done the same for Asia, 21 Guns and A-Ha. The resulting live CD is a fitting testament to Wishbone Ash’s enduring melodic credentials and beautifully crafted songs. The sound is crystal clear and the guitars especially come through at the top of the mix and with sharp precision. The spiralling lead breaks that bring the excellent ‘Throw Down The Sword’ to a climax are a perfect example. A little quibble, however, is the dryness that such clinical production delivers. The sometimes sterile atmosphere can make the performance feel low key. ‘In The Skin’ sounds as if the band are constrained by the exacting requirements of a Swiss watch factory rather than cutting loose at the country’s best festival. On the other hand (see what I did there?) ‘Hard Times’ shakes off the shackles and unleashes some real and welcome energy. The classic Wishbone Ash sound remains wonderfully intact here, despite only one original member. Set opener ‘The King Will Come’ from 1972’s landmark ‘Argus’ opus amply highlights Ash’s once pioneering twin lead guitar harmonies, complemented by twin lead vocal harmonies. ‘Blowin’ Free’ thumps along with its mid tempo boogie. The mid-set medley culled from highlights of the first two albums is stuffed with uplifting moments and gorgeous guitar exchanges. Since this set was captured, Wishbone Ash have put out a live collection to mark their 40th anniversary. Time waits for no man and Andy Powell has simply rolled on with an ever-changing line up. This album is unlikely to register as the definitive Ash live album, but it can certainly stand shoulder to shoulder with the pick of them.