1. Real Guitars Have Wings
  2. The King Will Come
  3. FUBB
  4. Wings Of Desire
  5. Ballad of the Beacon
  6. Errors of My Way
  7. No Joke
  8. Strange Affair
  9. Living Proof
  10. Blowin' Free
  11. Phoenix
  12. Come in from the Rain
  13. Hard Times

Label : Eagle Vision

Release Year : 2001

Running Time : 100 minutes

Recording Date : April 22, 2000

Venue : Shepherd's Bush Empire, London, UK

NTSC : 4:3

Review : A celebration of a 30-year career as Britain's number one twin guitar band, this concert highlights Wishbone Ash's commemorative concert at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire on April 22, 2000. The 30-year history of Wishbone Ash has hardly been smooth, with numerous personnel changes and gradually fading popularity since the band's most acclaimed album, Argus, was released in 1972. What you'll witness here, then, is an inspiring and altogether good-natured example of survival embodied by original Wishbone guitarist Andy Powell. Looking youthful at 50, his formerly long hair now shaved off altogether, Powell remains a virtuoso ax-man, matched by fellow ace Mark Birch (temporarily filling the shoes of the departed Ted Turner) to recreate Wishbone's signature twin-guitar sound. As the sole survivor of Wishbone's original lineup, Powell happily presides over the group's considerable legacy, epitomized here by outstanding performances of the Ash classics "Phoenix" and "Blowin' Free." The concert's a no-frills affair with an occasionally uneven mix, but the music comes through with clarity and gusto, reminding us that Wishbone Ash's unique blend of musicianship remains influential some three decades later.