U2 : WERCHTER 1982

  1. gloria
  2. i threw a brick through a window
  3. a day without me
  4. an cat dubh
  5. into the heart
  6. rejoice
  7. electric co.
  8. i fall down
  9. i will follow
  10. out of control
  11. 11 o'clock tick tock
  12. The ocean
  13. fire

Label : no label

Venue : Werchter Festival, Werchter, Belgium

Recording Date : July 4, 1982

Length : 51:10

Quality : Soundboard recording (A-)

Review (AllMusic) : While Jackson Browne was top of the bill that day, U2 started their showcase in the afternoon. It was their seventh concert performance in Belgium and the press immediately jumped on U2 as most-promising band. One year later, in 1983 U2 returned to the festival grounds and headlined before Peter Gabriel and Van Morrison. This concert registration comes from the soundboard, has some distortion here and there, but is truly a fine historical document.