Disc One (52:06)

  1. Out of Control
  2. Twilight
  3. An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart
  4. Surrender
  5. Two Hearts Beat As One
  6. Seconds
  7. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  8. Cry / The Electric Co
  9. I Fall Down
  10. October
  11. New Year's Day

Disc Two (49:41)

  1. Gloria
  2. I Threw a Brick Through a Window
  3. A Day Without Me
  4. Party Girl
  5. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
  6. I Will Follow
  7. 40
    Bonus Tracks :
  8. I Will Follow
  9. An Cat Dubh / Into the Heart
  10. A Day Without Me
  11. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock

Label : The Swingin' Pig

Venue : Orpheum Theater, Boston, Massachussetts, USA

Recording Date : May 6, 1983

Quality : Soundboard recording (A+)

Review (For Love Or Money) : Although many songs of this show have been released on other bootlegs, this double CD has the COMPLETE soundboard recording of the May 6, 1983 show, which is very hard to come by. Six songs have never appeared on any bootlegs of this show before. The show is charged and U2 is in great form. The bootleg comes with black cover art and photos from both 1982 and (strangely enough) 1992. The Boston date incorrectly labeled as May 29, 1983. A nice addition to any collection, especially since it covers the entire show. The Hilversum recording appears on other bootlegs. Both shows were recorded for radio broadcast, but I believe the master tape from the Boston show was used to master this CD. You should definitely pick this up. This is probably the best recorded representation of a U2 show from the 1983 tour. The only flaw in the Boston show is a 2-second "skip" (quite like a record would do) during the piano intro to "I Fall Down." However, a careful listen doesn't reveal any surface noise one would expect from a recording mastered from vinyl. The Holland tracks are a nice addition.