1. Heaven And Hell
  2. Salome

  3. Got To Get Together

  4. Untitled

  5. The Darkest Night

  6. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses

  7. How Do You Feel?

  8. Blow Your House Down

  9. Walk On By

Label : SC Record Company

Time : 58:57

Venue : Hansa Ton Studios, Berlin, Germany

Date : 1991

Quality : Studio recording (mastered from vinyl) (A+)

Review (For Love Or Money?) : All of the song titles are creations of bootleggers (the true titles are unknown). All of these tracks appear on "Salome (Axtung Beibi) Outtakes" in much better sound quality. By the way, track 2 has got nothing to do with "Even Better Than The Real Thing", it is a demo of "Salome".