Disc One (70:12)

  1. Popmuzik
  2. Mofo

  3. I will follow

  4. Gone

  5. Even better than the real thing

  6. Last night on earth

  7. Until the end of the world

  8. New Year's Day

  9. Pride (in the name of love)

  10. I still haven't found what I'm looking for

  11. All I want is you

  12. Desire

  13. Staring at the sun

  14. Bullet the blue sky

Disc Two (57:18)

  1. Please
  2. Where the streets have no name

  3. Lemon (The perfecto mix)

  4. Discothèque

  5. If you wear that velvet dress

  6. With or without you

  7. Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me

  8. Mysterious ways

  9. One

  10. Wake up dead man

Label : no label

Venue : Autodrome, Mexico City, Mexico
Date :
December 3th, 1997
Quality :
Television Broadcast Recording (A+)

Review (For Love Or Money?) : Great recording of a very good show. This is a must have for the PopMart fans. Sound quality is excellent. Bono's microphone fails a couple of times during "With Or Without You," but this is only a minor detail. In my opinion, this recording is much better that the Sarajevo concert since Bono does not lose his voice here. This show contains great renditions of almost all the songs. My personal highlights include "All I Want Is You" (including Never Tear Us Apart)," "One," "Wake Up Dead Man" (dedicated to Michael Hutchence; very emotional), "Staring At The Sun," "Until The End Of The World And Last Night On Earth," "New Year's Day" (echo on the piano intro), "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" and "Mysterious Ways." All the other songs are great too. Like I said, this is a great recording of a very good show, a must have. One of the better PopMart shows I've bought. The sound quality is great, especially when U2 are play, but when there's a pause in their program, the audience is really loud. Sometimes it takes moments before they calm down. Anyhow, this CD is good, so if you get the chance, buy it! If you are looking for a great sounding recording of the PopMart Tour, or not to mention any U2 concert, you will love this 2CD set. It was recorded from the Showtime broadcast so the sound quality is near perfect. Besides the quality of the recording, the music is also at its best, and the crowd is really into the concert. I highly recommend this 2cd set. CDs come in a slimline double jewel case. The front picture of Bono wearing a Mexican hat. Disc 1 is black with silver U2 MEXIMOFO on it. Disc 2 is silver with black U2 MEXIMOFO on it.