1. I will follow
  2. gone
  3. even better than the real thing
  4. last night on earth
  5. until the end of the world
  6. new year's day
  7. pride (In the name of love)
  8. i still haven't found what i'm looking for
  9. all i want is you
  10. discotheque
  11. if you wear that velvet dress
  12. with or without you
  13. hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me
  14. mysterious ways

Label : no label

Time : 70:34

Venue : Maimarktgelände, Mannheim, Germany

Date : July 31, 1997

Quality : Soundboard recording

Review : This is an excellent soundboard recording of the PopMart concert in Mannheim, Germany. Somebody has been sitting on it forever, because it just surfaced at the beginning of June 2005. Vocals and instruments are both perfectly clear in this recording. You can hear Bono talking in between songs like he is standing in your living room...absolutely incredible! Don't pass it up.