1. Gin I Win
  2. Sewn In Seams
  3. Sin(g)
  4. ee cummings
  5. House Demands
  6. Water Bearer
  7. Word
  8. Some Awful Men
  9. Knife Attack
  10. Its Been a Fine Time ...
  11. Van Gogh
    Bonus Track :
  12. George Collins

Label : Zeal Records

Release Year : 2002

Length : 45:21

Review (AllMusic) : With their literate, lush, and countrified indie folk Brooklyn's Timesbold spans the rather sizable gap between Lyle Lovett and Bright Eyes on their self-titled debut. Lead singer and songwriter Jason Merritt's voice is plaintive and earnest, with a slight quiver, but never pretentiously emotive. And his lyrics, while not dazzlingly profound, speak of heartbreak and disappointment in simple and subtle terms, always avoiding cliché. Timesbold has an intimate handmade feel, and the instrumentation - mostly acoustic, but including such odd choices as theremin and optigan - suits the songs well, adding an extra dimension to this well-rounded debut.