1. Fraction Too Much Friction
  2. Staring At The Embers
  3. Through The Years
  4. Not For Nothing
  5. In A Minor Key
  6. Made My Day
  7. Wait And See
  8. Below The Belt
  9. I Only Want To Know
  10. Growing Pains

Label : A&M Records

Release Date : 1983

Length : 36:48

Review (AllMusic) : Following Split Enz's Time & Tide, Tim Finn took his first break from the band with Escapade, a collection of light pop songs, some of which dated back to the late '70s but never seemed to quite fit in the Enz format. A flawed though fun album, Escapade managed several hits in Australasia and Europe and revealed a considerably brighter, more mainstream aspect to Finn's writing. And while the album was successful and a satisfying diversion, it unquestionably served to derail the forward momentum of Split Enz and led to Finn's leaving the band the following year.