1. I Live in a Nice House
  2. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
  3. Body and Soul ?
  4. Adious Lounge
  5. I Get So Scared
  6. Song for a Politically Correct Girl from the Valley
  7. Ain't Never Been Nuthin' for Me in This World
  8. Bus With No Driver
  9. Vegas Weekend
  10. weakness in me
  11. the beginning and the end #12 n 35

Label : Capitol Records

Release Year : 1992

Length : 39:25

Review (AllMusic) : The most impressive part of this album is the list of names that contributed. Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy from Soul Asylum sing on "Blood is Thicker Than Water," Benmont Tench plays the organ, and Michael Penn sings on "Body and Soul?" Joe Hardy produced along with Pete Anderson and Al Kooper, the latter of whom oversaw "Adios Lounge," a duet between singer Bob Forrest and Tom Waits. Oddly, the all-male Caucasian rock band choose another African-American female for inspiration (they cover Joan Armatrading's "Weakness In Me") after paying homage to Lena Horne and Tracy Chapman on the previous record. Even this star-studded lineup couldn't save the band, who were their own worst enemies and basically fell off the musical map after its release.