1. Satisfied Mind
  2. Loom of the Land
  3. The River People
  4. Polly Clark
  5. Buffalo Ballet
  6. Lover's Crime
  7. Shelter for an Evening
  8. Dear Darling
  9. Poor Side of Town
  10. Free Money
  11. The Storms Are on the Ocean
  12. Feel Like Going Home
  13. Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?

Label : Glitterhouse Records

Release Year : 1993

Length : 59:25

Review (AllMusic) : Like Yo La Tengo's Fakebook, the Walkabouts' Satisfied Mind is a definitive artistic statement masquerading as a loose-knit collection of acoustic covers. Sometimes a group's selection of cover material, combined with their ability to make the songs their own, winds up revealing as much about their craft as their original music, and such is the case here; mining the work of diverse artists like the Carter Family, Gene Clark, Mary Margaret O'Hara, John Cale, and Nick Cave, Satisfied Mind represents the purest evocation to date of the Walkabouts' aesthetic and its standing at the crossroads of country, rock, folk, and punk. By casting well-known songs in an entirely new light - Patti Smith's "Free Money" becomes an ominous waltz, while Charlie Rich's "Feel Like Going Home" is renewed as an epic dirge - the album makes explicit all of the implicit connections in the Walkabouts' work. By extension, it underlines the connections binding the spectrum of roots music as well; Satisfied Mind doesn't simply suggest that diverse sounds can coexist together - it proves that they always have.