1. Mr Soft
  2. Mirror Freak
  3. The Best Years of Our Lives
  4. The Last Feast
  5. Riding the Waves (For Virginia Woolf)
  6. Judy Teen
  7. Sling It!
  8. A Friend for Life
  9. Two Damn'd Lies
  10. Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
  11. Sebastian
    Bonus Track :
  12. Sophistication

Label : Gott Discs

Release Year : 2004

Length : 72:53

Venue : Huntingdon Hall, Worcester, UK + Jazz Café, London, UK

Recording Date : May-June 2003

Review (Get Ready To Rock) : The original Cockney Rebel has several parallel careers, this one is more acoustic (although he does electric guitar backup), recorded in 2003. Opener ‘Mr Soft’ has an uptempo quirky offbeat, while the violin on ‘Mirror Freak’ adds an interesting if moody touch. Ballads, rockers and acoustic strumming, all the styles explored do nod back to the pub rock roots, and many emphasise Harley’s songwriting. Of course there’s the obligatory ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)’ which does work rather well (although Harley does amend his vocal arrangement back to that of the original). Thoroughly enjoyable, but probably more for the fans.