1. The thoughts of Emerlist davjack
  2. flower king of flies
  3. bonnie k.
  4. america
  5. diamond hard blue apples of the moon
  6. dawn
  7. tantalizin' maggie
  8. the cry of eugene
  9. daddy where did i come from

Label : Pickwick

Release Year : 1972

Review (AllMusic) : This compilation covers the Nice's earliest recordings, made from autumn 1967 to spring 1968, before wild guitarist Davy O'List left the group. It features the single version of "America," and the B-side "Diamond Hard Blue Apples of the Moon," and remixes of six of the eight songs on the Nice's first album, The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack. Also included is a previously unavailable early version of "Daddy, Where Did I Come From," which the band later re-recorded for their second album.