1. Gemini Dream
  2. The Voice
  3. Rock 'N' Roll Over You
  4. Thursday Afternoon
  5. Your Wildest Dreams
  6. The Story In Your Eyes
  7. The Other Side Of Life
  8. Isn't Life Strange
  9. Veteran Cosmic Rocker
  10. I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)
  11. Question
  12. Nights In White Satin

Label : Hallmark

Venue : The Apollo, Oxford, UK

Recording Date : December 3, 1986

Release Date : 1990

Length : 69:58

Quality : FM recording (A+)

Review : This concert was not recorded in 1987, but on December 3, 1986. There's also a BBC Transcription Services "BBC In Concert #407" LP, sourced from the same show. That was distributed for broadcast in 1987; perhaps that's the source of the error. In Concert #407 has two tracks added, "It May Be A Fire" and "New Horizons," and drops "Veteran Cosmic Rocker," "I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band), "Isn't Life Strange," and "Question." A silver CD bootleg of the Westwood One tracks was released in Europe in the mid-1990s under the title "VCR" (short for Veteran Cosmic Rocker, not Video Cassette Recorder) on the HallMark label as HallMark ? HM 024. Westwood One repeated tracks from Oxford 1986 as part of a "compilation" shows, combined with tracks from San Diego 1994 on Superstars In Concert #'s 94-47, 95-31, 96-25, 97-23, 02-39, 04-09, 06-09, 07-30, and 09-10. These shows dropped several tracks as compared to this broadcast, which was never repeated with the full twelve tracks included here. Ray Thomas's introduction to "Veteran Cosmic Rocker" says they're about to play the three part suite that ends the Long Distance Voyager album: "Painted Smile," the poem "Reflective Smile," and "Veteran Cosmic Rocker." The first two are missing, edited out, and only "Veteran Cosmic Rocker" is present. Commercials have been edited out.