Disc One

  1. Take The Highway
  2. Can't You See
  3. 24 Hours At A Time
  4. Fire On The Mountain
  5. Too Stubborn
  6. A New Life
  7. Long Hard Ride
  8. Everybody Needs Somebody
  9. In My Own Way
  10. Where A Country Boy Belongs
  11. Heard It In A Love Song
  12. I'll Be Loving You
  13. Searching For A Rainbow
  14. Windy City Blues
  15. I Should Have Never Started Lovin' You

Disc Two

  1. Running Like The Wind
  2. Cattle Drive
  3. Last Of The Singing Cowboys
  4. Foolish Dreaming
  5. Ride In Peace
  6. Silverado
  7. Good Ole Hurtin' Song
  8. Anyway The Wind Blows Rider
  9. Going Down The Road Feeling Bad
  10. Stay In The Country
  11. Driving You Out Of My Mind
  12. If That Isn't Love
  13. Face Down In The Blues
  14. Time Don't Pass By Here
  15. Ramblin'
  16. Texas On My Mind
  17. Ride Of Your Life

Label : Shout! Factory / Ramblin' Records

Released : February 1st, 2005

Review (AllMusic) : There's little question that Shout! Factory's double-disc compilation The Marshall Tucker Band Anthology: The First 30 Years is exhuastive. It spans 32 songs, sampling from 20 albums, running more or less in chronological order, and giving a good idea of the group's narrative. While that's a lot of ground, some charting singles are still missing - 1975's "This Ol' Cowboy," 1978's "Dream Lover," 1980's "It Takes Time," 1983's "A Place I've Never Been," 1987's "Hangin' Out in Smoky Places," and 1993's "Walk Outside of the Lines" are all absent, which is kind of puzzling for a collection of this size, and will certainly be frustrating for listeners who know of MTB primarily from the radio. That said, for the serious fan who wants a thorough overview this is still a pretty good choice, since it does illustrate the arc of the group's career. For less dedicated fans, this will be a bit too much Marshall Tucker Band, and they may be better sticking with the group's definitive eponymous debut, since there is no good single-disc hits compilation on the market.