1. Confidence Man
  2. My Little Girl
  3. River Of No Return
  4. Don't Let Your Chance Go By
  5. Angel Eyes
  6. Nice Problem To Have
  7. Someday, Someway
  8. I Need To Be Loved
  9. Blue Jean Blues
  10. That's What They Say
  11. Hideaway
  12. See The Light

Label : Arista

Length : 48:52

Release Date : 1988

Review (AllMusic) : Jeff Healey's debut album See the Light may be similar to Stevie Ray Vaughan's high-octane blues-rock, but in blues and blues-rock, it's often the little things that count, such as guitar styles, and there's no denying that Healey has a distinctive style. Healey plays his Stratocaster flat on his lap, allowing him to perform unusual long stretches that give his otherwise fairly predictable music real heart and unpredictability. Throughout the album, his guitar work keeps things interesting, even on slow ballads like "Angel Eyes" (one of two John Hiatt songs, by the way, along with the ripping "Confidence Man"). That's what keeps See the Light interesting, and it's what makes it an intriguing, promising debut. Unfortunately, Healey has never quite fulfilled that promise, but it's still exciting to hear the first flowerings of his talent.