1. All the Things I Wasn't
  2. What Was Going Through My Head
  3. Do You Want to Tell Me ?
  4. The Most
  5. I'm Gone
  6. Blind
  7. Stay
  8. I Can Tell
  9. Not the Way It Is
  10. Hiding
  11. The Time Is Here
  12. ...But I Guess We'll Never Know

Label : Capitol Records

Release Year : 1989

Length : 42:19

Review from Wikipedia : Now and Again was a 1989 album by The Grapes of Wrath. The band's most commercially successful album, it also contained one of their biggest hit singles, "All the Things I Wasn't". It was the first album to feature new member Vince Jones on keyboards. The album was produced by Anton Fier. It was recorded in an old (and supposedly haunted) church in Woodstock, New York. Guest musicians included Chuck Leavell, Sneaky Pete Kleinow and Jane Scarpantoni. In Chart magazine's 1996 reader poll of the Best Canadian Albums of All Time, Now and Again ranked in 47th place. In the magazine's 2000 poll, the album ranked 27th. It did not rank in the Top 50 in 2005. For the singles "What Was Going Through My Head" and "Do You Want To Tell Me", the b-sides were songs recorded on CBC Radio program Brave New Waves. One was an acoustic version of the song "Backward Town", and the other was a cover of the Paul McCartney hit, "Let Me Roll It".