1. Love Being Your Fool
  2. I Ain't No Cowboy (I Just Found The Hat)
  3. Minutes To Hours
  4. Later On
  5. Basic Lady
  6. What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)
  7. Keep On Runnin'
  8. Send Him Home To Mama
  9. Train Gone Forever
  10. Grinnin' My Blues Away

Label : Mercury Records

Release Year : 1977

Length : 32:10

Review (Rock Archeologia) : Bandleader Coon Elder was a regionally popular figure in from Memphis, mixing swampy white soul with country twang and chunkier Southern rock... This was his only album, and was also a showcase for singer Brenda Patterson, who had previously recorded three albums as a solo artist - her throaty, bluesy style draws this album into Tracy Nelson/Maria Muldaur territory, while Elder's roadhouse rock'n'soul has a slight Delbert McClinton-esque feel to it, a Southern bar-band, but with some Muscle Shoals soul coming out in the horn section... I suspects that working with an old-time mainstream Nashville producer like Jim Ed Norman is partly what gives this album its mellow feel, though there are still some gritty lyrics and a distinctly rootsy undercurrent. For country fans, highlights include "Send Him Home To Mama," the bluesy "Grinnin' My Blues Away," and their version of "I Ain't A Cowboy (I Just Found The Hat),"one of the great satires of the '70s urban cowboy scene. An eclectic album, and a nice picture of the shifting boundaries where longhair country met Southern rock. Although Elder never made another album, he kept playing locally around Memphis, sadly dying in a 2011 traffic accident.