1. My Only Vice (Is the Fantastic Prices I Charge for Being Eaten Alive)
  2. Star for a Week (Dino)
  3. The Best Years of Our Lives
  4. Judy Teen
  5. The Last Time I Saw You
  6. Mr. Soft
  7. (Love) Compared to You
  8. Tumbling Down
  9. Only You
  10. Bed in the Corner
  11. Sling It!
  12. Riding the Waves (For Virginia Woolf)
  13. Sebastian
  14. Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

Label : Burning Airlines

Release Year : 1999

Length : 74:04

Venue : The Jazz Café, London, UK

Recording Date : March 1998

Review ( AllMusic) : Steve Harley is generally known as the leader of the glam rock group Cockney Rebel, so it might come as a surprise to casual fans that he recorded a live acoustic album in 1998 at London's Jazz Cafe. That live album, Stripped to Bare Bones, happens to be proof that Harley was a solid song-craftsman and a fine performer, more than just a glam has-been. His relaxed yet energetic performances and ease at storytelling make Stripped to Bare Bones a highly entertaining album, even for listeners who aren't familiar with his body of work. Since the record is effectively a document of a full concert, complete with shtick, it isn't something that would make its way to the stereo all that often, but when it's on, it will likely make you smile.