1. Mr. Soft
  2. Mr. Raffles (Man It Was Mean)

  3. When I'm With You

  4. Star For A Week

  5. Riding The Waves (For Virginia Woolf)

  6. The Lighthouse

  7. The Best Years Of Our Lives / Sweet Dreams

  8. Psychomodo

  9. Sling It !

  10. Sebastian

  11. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)

  12. Love's A Prima Donna

Label : Pilz

Time : 69:13

Venue : Dome Theatre, Brighton, UK / Derngate Theatre, Northhampton, UK

Recording Date : 1989

Release Date : 1993

Quality : Soundboard Recording (A-)

Review : With a distinctive sound that set them apart from any band of their era, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel achieved phenomenal success with hits like "Judy Teen", "Mr. Soft" and "Sebastian". The recording on this cd is taken from live concerts in 1989 where they played over sixty dates in both Europe and the USA. This one's recorded in 1989 over two nights at the Dome Theatre, Brighton and Derngate Theatre, Northampton. The concert recording is also available on the DVD "The Come Back, All Is Forgiven Tour : Live" (released 1989) and on the DVD "Steve Harley + Cockney Rebel - Live".

Review (Wikipedia) : After a Christmas tour in 1981, and the odd show between 1983-84, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel would not embark on a tour again until 1989, after Harley made plans for a comeback tour. Titled "The Come Back, All is Forgiven" tour, Harley arranged shows across England as well as Europe. Once completed, the sixty-date tour was deemed a success, and the band, under different line-up changes, have continued to tour since. In early 1989, Harley chose to have two concerts recorded; one at the Dome Theatre in Brighton and the other at the Derngate Theatre in Northampton. The footage was then used to produce a concert video. In October 1989, the video, titled "The Come Back, All is Forgiven Tour: Live", was released by Odyssey on VHS. The video featured fourteen songs of Harley's own personal choice from the two concerts. It was directed by Steve Hills, produced by Vance Goodwin, and produced by G & H Production Partnership in association with Steve Mather for JSE and Adrian Munsey for Odyssey Video. On the back cover of the VHS, Harley was quoted: "So, how long has it been? Six, perhaps seven years since the last British tour? It's been far too long, of that I am certain. And there's no good reason for it, really. You know how much I love it up there. Quite honestly, there is nowhere I'd rather be. When you sing with me the choruses (often the entire lyrics!) of "Make Me Smile", the smile is genuine. The thanks are from deep inside; the joy is unequalled. To you, without whom... thanks." The audio of the video has been released as a CD album under many guises across Europe and beyond. These albums have been released by a number of different 'super-cheapo' labels. The majority of versions of the album omitted the opening track "Dancing on the Telephone", while others placed "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)" as the first track.