1. Transcendental Blues  
  2. Everyone's In Love With You  
  3. Another Town 
  4. I Can Wait  
  5. The Boy Who Never Cried 
  6. Steve's Last Ramble 
  7. Lonelier Than This
  8. I Don't Want To Lose You Yet  
  9. Wherever I Go  
  10. Fearless Heart  
  11. Halo 'Round The Moon
  12. The Galway Girl  
  13. Copperhead Road  
  14. Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song)  
  15. All Of My Life  

Label : no label

Time : 59:00

Venue : The Convocation Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Date : July 26th, 2000

Quality : Soundboard Recording (A+)

Review : The concert video and DVD release of the "No Dry Cleaning Tour 2000" now on CDR in superb sound quality. You won't believe your ears.