Disc One (55:07)

  1. Texas Eagle
  2. Yours Forever Blue

  3. My Old Friend The Blues

  4. Graveyard Shift

  5. Outlaw's Honeymoon

  6. Dixieland

  7. No Words

  8. Harlan Man

  9. The Mountain

  10. I Still Carry You Around

  11. Taney Town

  12. That's All Right

  13. Halo 'Round The Moon

  14. Carrie Brown

Disc Two (55:48)

  1. Mystery train pt. 2
  2. Leroy's Dustbowl blues

  3. Hometown blues

  4. Long Lonesome highway blues

  5. I'm looking through you

  6. Ben McCulloch

  7. Tom Ames's prayer

  8. A good man like me

  9. Now she's gone

  10. Valentine's day

  11. Another town

  12. South Nashville blues

  13. I ain't ever satisfied

  14. Copperhead Road

  15. Until the day I die

  16. Johnny come lately

Label : no label

Venue : Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden

Date : May 11th, 1999

Quality : FM Recording (A+)

Review : Five musicians gathered around one microphone on this fantastic crystal clear recording. One of my personal favourites. This is one of the bluegrass shows with the Del McCoury Band. Fantastic. Superb sound quality, beautiful performances, large amounts of energy... an essential set. It's sourced from an FM broadcast, with the only detraction being that it omits the Del McCoury section of the gig and reorders some of the songs.