Disc One (69:09)

  1. Mystery Train Part 2
  2. Hometown Blues
  3. The Devil's Right Hand
  4. Tom Ames' Prayer
  5. Angel is the Devil
  6. Sometimes She Forgets
  7. You Know the Rest
  8. Goodbye
  9. Now She's Gone
  10. My Old Friend the Blues
  11. Someday
  12. South Nashville Blues
  13. Little Rock and Roller
  14. Ellis Unit One
  15. Regular Guy
  16. I Ain't Ever Satisfied

Disc Two (56:15)

  1. Rivers of Babylon
  2. I'm Nothing Without You
  3. When Will We Be Married
  4. Ruby Ridge (Peter Rowan)
  5. Land of the Navajo (Peter Rowan)
  6. Happy Birthday (Peter Rowan)
  7. I'm Looking Through You
  8. White Freight Liner Blues
  9. Northern Winds
  10. Ben McCulloch
  11. Copperhead Road
  12. Fearless Heart
  13. Guitar Town

Label : no label

Recording Date : January 17, 1996

Venue : Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California, USA

Quality : Soundboard Recording (A+)

Review (AllMusic) : After the release of his comeback album "Train A-Comin'" and at the age of 41 Steve Earle showed up on stage, giving himself a birthday present that way. This concert, presented in excellent soundboard quality, is bootlegged worldwide. A couple of songs are sung by bluegrass performer Peter Rowan. Norman Blake plays the violin and Roy Huskey Jr. is on acoustic bass. Great show !