1. Now I'm Here
  2. Medley: Put Out The Fire, Dragon Attack, Now I'm Here
  3. Love Of My Life
  4. Save Me
  5. Brian May Guitar Solo
  6. Under Pressure
  7. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  8. Bohemian Rhapsody
  9. Tie Your Mother Down
  10. Teo Torriatte
  11. We Will Rock You
  12. We Are The Champions
  13. God Save The Queen

Label : Big Music

Length : 57:35

Recording Date : November 3, 1982

Venue : Seibu Lions Stadium, Tokyo, Japan

Quality : Soundboard Recording from official video (A-)

Review (QueenConcerts) : This is another fake in the Queen bootleg history. The cover says "Osaka 25.10.1982" but there was no gig that day and in fact this is a rip from the Japanese official video from Tokyo 3.11.1982. Of course it's as heavily cut as the original video was (~58 min).

Review (Stadium Studios) : Okay friends, here is a prime example of a fake type bootleg. The show contained in the CD has nothing to do with the fake information that they have printed on the artwork for this release. Not only did Queen never play in Osaka on the Japan leg of the Hot Space Tour of 1982, I don’t believe there even is a Tiger Stadium. And they didn’t even play a gig on 10-25-82. Funny… I guess. This boot is actually from an official video release (Japan Only) called "Live In Japan". It was available on laserdisc and videotape and then re-released on laserdisc again in 1999. This CD comes straight from that video friends, except it is missing the intro: Flash’s Theme and The Hero. Also, it is not the complete show from that night. Other than this release having the fake info, it is a very good show with solid performances. The sound quality is soundboard ranging from very good to excellent. It does sound like it was probably made from the videotape rather than the laserdisc. Not a bad show to have for sure though. It was the very last show of the Hot Space World Tour. Another nice thing is that they play Teo Torriate, which you just don’t hear too often on live recordings. Check it out and enjoy friends….oh yeah, a killer Brian May guitar solo!