Disc One (71:52)

  1. Nobody Does That
  2. Corned Beef City
  3. Sailing To Philadelphia
  4. Once Upon A Time In The West
  5. Romeo And Juliet
  6. My Bacon Roll
  7. Matchstick Man
  8. Done With Bonaparte
  9. Heart Full Of Holes

Disc Two (65:24)

  1. She’s Gone/Your Latest Trick
  2. Silvertown Blues
  3. Postcards From Paraguay
  4. On Every Street
  5. Speedway At Nazareth
  6. Telegraph Road
  7. Money For Nothing
  8. Going Home

Label :

Venue : Plaza De Toros De Los Califas, Cordoba, Spain

Recording Date : April 29, 2019

Quality : Soundboard recording (A+)

Concert Review (Dire Straits Blog) : The leader of Dire Straits, Mark Knopfler yesterday held his last live concert in front of couple of thousand fans in Cordoba, Spain in Plaza de Toros de los Califas. Mark Knopfler never disappoints his legion of followers, although he has announced that this tour of presentation of the album Down the Road Wherever is the last because, according to him, he is already “too old” to get on stage. He played for long time, actually since he recorded his first album in 1978 with the legendary Dire Straits, when they were at the top of their music career and Mark Knopfler made “magic” music with his Fender Red Stratocaster.