Disc One (77:54)

  1. Marjory Razorblade
  2. Marlene
  3. Talking To No One
  4. Eastbourne Ladies
  5. I Want My Crown
  6. House On The Hill
  7. Lovesick Fool
  8. River Of Sin
  9. Sign Of The Times
  10. I Believe In Love
  11. Blame It On The Night
  12. Saviour
  13. Lonely Lovers
  14. Sunday Morning Sunrise
  15. Rock 'n' Roll Hymn
  16. Turpentine
  17. Let's Have A Party
  18. Lorna
  19. i love my mother
  20. shangri-La

Disc Two (77:39)

  1. America
  2. Big White Bird
  3. Fat Girl
  4. Roses In Your Room
  5. Dynamite Days
  6. I Only Want To See You Smile
  7. Juliet And Mark
  8. Older Woman
  9. I'm Just A Man
  10. Pretty Park
  11. Marigold
  12. Don't Blame Mandy
  13. The World Is Full Of Fools
  14. Are You Deceiving Me?
  15. Lonely Man
  16. I Confess
  17. Children's Crusade
  18. Learn To Swin, Learn To Drown
  19. Day To Day
  20. The Old Fashioned Love Song
  21. New Motorway
  22. You Can't Kill Us

Disc Three (70:20)

  1. Chicken Wing
  2. Marjory Razorblade Suite
  3. Blame It On The Night
  4. River Of Sin
  5. Poor Swine
  6. Fat Girl
  7. Mad Boy
  8. Mummy
  9. Marjory Razorblade Suite
  10. Let's Have a Party
  11. Poor Swine
  12. Need Somebody
  13. Chicken Wing
  14. Bogie Chillun

Label : Virgin

Release Year : 2010

Review (Amazon) : Compiled by Coyne?s sons, Eugene and Robert Coyne and featuring quotes from their father, friends and fellow musicians, I Want My Crown chronicles a vital period in Kevin Coyne?s career, one of the most fascinating and forthright artists of his time. Featuring selections from all Coyne's Virgin albums, plus singles like "Lorna"/"Let's Have A Party", I Want My Crown presents for the first time on CD, unreleased sessions, a BBC In Concert from 1974, the Hyde Park show from the same year, unreleased performances for Rockpalast in Cologne, and more.