1. How Long
  2. Hearts Overflowing
  3. Favorite Song
  4. White Line
  5. Ain't Got Time
  6. Hello
  7. Song For The Life
  8. Rockin' Chair (Gonna Get You)
  9. The Christian Life
  10. Lady

Label : Reprise Records

Released : 1976

Length : 36:00

Review (AllMusic) : 1976 found Edwards with a new label, new backing musicians, and a new producer, the then very hot Brian Ahern. Unfortunately, change is not always a good thing. The songs and the band are both very good, but the intimate feel of the early albums is missing here and that was one of the things that always made Edwards' records so appealing. That lack of intimacy seems to fall on the producer's shoulders and should not be held against the artist. Despite the flaws in production, this is still a fine collection of songs and performances from a regrettably overlooked artist.