1. One Voice
  2. Lagonda Lifestyle
  3. Watching You
  4. Carousel
  5. That's Enough For Me
  6. I Know It Now
  7. Victims Of Fashion
  8. Speaking A Different Language
  9. Involuntary Movement
  10. Relax

Label : EMI

Length : 40:28

Release Year : 1982

Review (RateYourMusic) : John Watts' first solo album is basically Red Skies Over Paradise Volume 2. Like Fischer-Z's swansong this features less keyboards and more heavy guitars than the first 2 Fischer-Z albums. When I was growing up my dad had a tape with Red Skies on one side and One More Twist on the other, on that tape they sounded like one and the same album. This has the same catchy hooks and same musical styles. "One Voice" gives the album its opener with sing along chorus, much like "Berlin". "Watching You" sounds like "In England", "Involuntary Movement" is a mostly solo ballad much like "Luton To Lisbon", the reggae of "Victims Of Fashion" is not that different from "Red Skies Over Paradise", while "Relax" closes the album in a similar way as "Multinationals Bite" did on Red Skies. It doesn't really matter though, as they're all good songs. "Lagonda Lifestyle" and "That's Enough For Me" are even among the best things John Watts ever wrote. If you've never liked Fischer-Z this is not going to convince you either, but if you do this is an essential addition to your collection. With more guitars and less outdated keyboards this has aged better than the original 3 Fischer-Z albums, it's still something I play often.