1. Imagine
  2. Instant Karma!
  3. Mother
  4. Jealous Guy
  5. Power to the People
  6. Cold Turkey
  7. Love
  8. Mind Games
  9. Whatever Gets You Thru the Night
  10. #9 Dream
  11. Stand by Me
  12. (Just Like) Starting Over
  13. Woman
  14. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
  15. Watching the Wheels
  16. Nobody Told Me
  17. Borrowed Time
  18. Working Class Hero
  19. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
  20. Give Peace a Chance

Label : Parlophone

Time : 77:41

Release Year : 1997

Review (AllMusic) : Lennon Legend was released in the fall of 1997 in England to replace the deleted John Lennon Collection, and the 20-track collection is remarkably similar to its predecessor, replicating a full 16 tracks and deleting the relatively nonessential "I'm Losing You," "Dear Yoko," and "Move Over Ms. L" in favor of "Borrowed Time," "Mother," "Nobody Told Me," and "Working Class Hero." Even if the disc isn't sequenced in strict chronological order, the end result is the strongest single-disc Lennon collection yet. It might not offer everything of worth that Lennon recorded - the Plastic Ono Band and Imagine albums remain essentials, and there are great-to-good songs scattered among his later solo records - but it does function as an excellent sampler and introduction to his solo career.