1. Under The Falling Sky
  2. World To Gain
  3. Together Again
  4. Mae Jean
  5. Last Time I Was Home
  6. Jesus In 3/4 Time
  7. My Opening Farewell
  8. Jamaica Say You Will
  9. Rock Me On The Water
  10. Together Again
  11. Take It Underground
  12. When You Loose Your Money
  13. Our Lady Of The Well
  14. These Days
  15. Someday Morning
  16. Shadow Dream Song
  17. Song For Adam
  18. Looking Into You

Label : no label

Time : 73:21

Venue : The Jaberwocky, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York, USA

Date : March 27th, 1971

Quality : Soundboard recording (A+)

Review : Acoustic show at the The Jabberwocky (a small, 200 seat nightclub) located at Syracuse University, in Syracuse, N.Y. on March 27th 1971. The sound quality is very good/excellent (the recording was made more than 30 years ago but the music sounds very clear. The source is a soundboard. This is the first known recorded live show of Jackson Browne. This CD is nice to have because of the historic value and the many unreleased songs.

Review (Jim Mauro) : "The venue was called The Jabberwocky (a small, 200 seat nightclub) located at Syracuse University, in Syracuse, N.Y. I know this because I attended college at Syracuse University from 1975-79. This club holds a special place in my heart, because every Friday, from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M., was what we called "Happy Hour" at the "Jab." (half priced drinks). Myself and many of my friends religiously attended. I even had a girlfriend at the time who worked as a waitress at the club, so I spent many (perhaps too many) days and nights there. Anyway, the evening that Jackson performed there in 1972 is the stuff of legend on the SU campus. He was not actually the scheduled act on that evening. The headliners for the evening were Orleans (John Hall's band), who all came from nearby Elmira, N.Y. Jackson was backstage all evening, and according to many eyewitness accounts, extremely drunk. After Orleans finished their show (about 2:00 A.M.), Jackson came out on stage (extremely, extremely, drunk) and did his set.