1. After Midnight
  2. River Boat Song

  3. Mama Don't

  4. Humdinger

  5. Hold On Baby

  6. New Orleans

  7. Lickin' Stick

  8. Disadvantage

  9. Hard Times

  10. Movin' Blues (Christine Lakeland)

  11. Magnolia

  12. Call Me The Breeze

  13. Cocaine

  14. Money Talks

  15. Crazy Mama

  16. Ride Me High

Label : RRC Records

Time : 78:25

Venue : St. Paul, Minneapolis, USA

Date : April 18th, 1991

Quality : Soundboard Recording (A+)

Review : J.J. Cale kicks off with a solo electric version of "After Midnight", followed by "River Boat Song". In "Mama don't" the other instruments come gliding in, one by one. The entire disc is breath-taking. I can strongly recommend this soundboard recording to anybody that loves the music of J.J. Cale.